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Wisconsin's #1 Grassroots Basketball Program

JH1 Elite Basketball

JH1 Elite Basketball

In 2018, JH1 Elite was formed with the vision to become one of the premier AAU basketball programs in the state of Wisconsin. Within our program, we will strive to provide a first-class experience for each player and family involved. Our emphasis and approach to player development both on and off the floor will be the foundation for our players to maximize their individual ability and for our teams to compete at the highest levels of AAU basketball.

Why JH1?

1) Coaching: Our coaches will be genuine in their delivery of basketball teaching points. They will not only be seen as an authoritative figure but also a mentor, teaching life lessons. Our coaches will focus on team unity, with open and honest communication, fairness, and a clear definition of each players' expectations. They will focus on their players first and constantly look for innovative ways to give them the resources necessary to succeed on and off the basketball court. 

2) Focus on Player Development

  • 1-2 Weekly Practices
  • Skill sessions outside of practice by a player development coach in addition to practices

3) 100% of all funds taken in will go to benefit the players and cover coaching costs, tournament fees, skills training sessions, and gym rentals. 

Adidas Sponsored AAU Teams

What Does That Mean?

There is a lot of talk about shoe-sponsored sports teams in social media and on TV.  The JH1 Elite teams are sponsored by Adidas, but if you are expecting cars or payments you are joining the wrong program.

As Adidas teams, we will have the opportunity to participate in the Adidas Junior Gauntlet (grades 5-8) and the Adidas Gauntlet (grades 9-11).  When you are part of the Adidas Gauntlet (older grades) you are classified into Silver or Gold Teams.  We are a new club, so our teams will begin as Silver Teams.   If teams perform exceptionally well, they will have the opportunity to participate at the Gold Gauntlet level.

JH1 Elite - Not Your Average AAU Program

The Highest Level AAU Experience

  • Coaching staff includes 3 current varsity high school head coaches
  • Our teams travel to the most prestigious tournaments nationwide
  • Our players receive training from basketball professionals in addition to practices
  • 60% of our coaches have high school coaching experience
  • Our teams participate in the well-known Adidas Gauntlet
  • 100% of our coaches were former high-level basketball players

We Play in the Nation's Largest Independent Grass Roots Basketball Circuit

Sign Up for Your AAU Membership!


If you haven't done so already, please make sure you renew (or sign up for) an AAU Membership for 2019.  Our Club Code is WY7B7Y and the link to register/renew is

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JH1 Elite Basketball